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  1. Here is what you get when you use a shopping cart provider. Peace of mind. Basically all of the backups, bandwidth and network hassles are handled for you. Code only accounts for a portion of an ecommerce site. The other hassles can be overwhelming. Not to mention Security and PCI compliance. There are other things too; like inventory control, shopping cart abandonment tools, preconfigured access to api's for shipping (UPS/USPS etc), order tracking and CRM to name a few. The down side always rears its head when you want to do something really custom. Also ecommerce services do a very poor job when selling soft goods like subscriptions, one-off services etc. My 2 cents. Once your figure your way around, Big Commerce is a pretty nice platform. It gets spendy as you add products. But you can sleep at night knowing that everything is being taken care of. David
  2. Laravel first impressions Seems to be built on top of Symfony which is why I went looking for other frameworks in the first place. No Symfony, Yii wins. Better support for database migrations in Laravel? Maybe Larry can add migrations as a chapter in his Yii Book. Seems like it should have received treatment in his chapter on databases at least. David
  3. I may be missing the obvious but is there someplace that describes how to install and run the code provided in the example files? 1. I have installed Yii 2. I have created the database and populated it using the sql code provided. 3. I have moved the CMS files over to the protected directories. 4. I have confirmed that main.php has database data for the cms application So I am thinking everything should be good, except i need a username (email) and password to login. Lost, please help, David
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