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  1. Yes. To reproduce the problem ... I type localhost/phpmyadmin/ (with and without the trailing slash) in the URL. As I said, the access seems to have become problematic after I set the root password (ch 4, p118, not App. A as I said). Before that I was getting to the dashboard (fig. 4.8) OK. Do I need to add a login and/or password in the URL?
  2. The most basic of questions .... how do I access the phpmyadmin dashboard (fig 4.8, p 120? I was initially able to get this dashboard using /localhost/phpmyadmin. I then set a root password in App. A in order to use MySQL Client. After that I wasn't able to get the phpmyadmin dashboard, getting the error shown in fig 4.9 on p121 instead, which referred me to App A to create a user. I did this. Created a user in Appendix A, and validated it, getting the blank screen shown in fig. A-15 on p. 599. But when I type in the URL of localhost/ phpmyadmin, I'm still getting fig 4.9. What am I missing?
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