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  1. Hi. Sorry for your frustrations. A couple of things first:


    - If you're a complete novice, the PHP & MySQL book may go at too fast of a pace for you. My "PHP for the Web" book goes at a slower pace.

    - Are you really using the first edition of this book? That's the forum you posted in. The first edition is terribly outdated by now (this book is currently in its fourth edition). 

    Thanks for the reply Larry. It isn't that I'm struggling to understand the book, the problem appears to be the code which you have written.


    As you state in your book, if Register Global is turned off or error reporting is set too high then this generates 'undefined variable' errors for the form which is designed in chapter two. I have seen that your code for these same pages written in the download files for later versions of this book is quite different, and therefore presumably does not generate these errors?


    My problem is, as I cannot change the way PHP is configured on my server, these errors are generated each time and therefore I cannot tell if what I have written is really working. As this book progresses, will the style of code writing change to overcome these errors or are you saying that the book is now too old to be useful?




  2. Hi, I am a complete novice to PHP and have started to use this book but have been very frustrated by it so far. I am only at the second chapter, attempting to build and validate a simple form yet I cannot successfully see the results owing to constant 'undefined variables' etc.


    According to the advice in the book these problems are caused by register globals being turned off and/or error reporting set too high, but I cannot do anything about either of these, so my question is... is this book realy of any use to me, and should it not have been written an a way which does not bring about these problems?


    Is there any other way around this and is it worth persevering with the book in the hope that these problems will not continue or should I just give up?

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