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  1. Just realised I missed the line on step 16, p361, to create the folder 'backups' first. This would negate the need to set recursive to true as you are only creating the last directory. My bad! I should have read the steps more thoroughly.
  2. Hi HartleySan, thanks for the welcome I believe we are in agreement then? As it is a nested directory that we wish to create the third argument should be set to true to allow for the creation of the nested directories.
  3. Hi Larry, would like to say great book, has really helped me out with my understanding of PHP and OOP. On p358, when using the mkdir() command, would it not be preferable to set the recursive parameter to TRUE? So line 23 of db_backup.php is: if (!@mkdir($dir, 0777, true)) { My script wasn't creating the directories as expected until I set this to TRUE, by default it is set to FALSE. Cheers Noel
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