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  1. i used the larry ullman book php and mysql many years back and made the websites using procedural code. now every tom dick and harry says to use OOP but can't be bothered to give proper tutorials. for example, in the old book, i followed the tutorials in creating a website which has username/passwords and accounts. now if i want to make this in OOP where the hell do i start from??? its all well and good giving examples on OOP but how am I supposed to figure out how to create the same existing code into OOP??? i'm at a total loss and extremely pissed off that i learned all this procedural stuff, and now everyone is saying to use OOP well if there are no simple tutorials to follow (for example building the same websites as in the old books) in OOP then i what am i supposed to do?? does this new PHP advanced book actually give a tutorial step by step in building a website with those features or am i expected to just guess and find out miraculously?? most of the tutorials on the web are completely useless, especially ones on blogs and NetTuts and other garbage websites. once you read those tutorials, there are always tons of comments below them outlining why they are wrong code, adding further to the confusion, and putting me off completely. I hope someone can make a book on PHP OOP with clear easy to follow examples and a tutorial where you actually build something in it. and how about something like multiple image uploads per ID (ie for a car or real estate website). I struggled to find out how to do this , and that was in Procedural. half the code i got was cobbled together and it seems people are so tight, they don't want to share tutorials on how to this do this properly. Its all well and good telling people to go and read a book, but if the book doesn't give you proper actual examples which we can use, then whats the point???
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