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  1. thanks. yes, well, thats the most best resource on web of course. but i am sorted anyway, all it was a silly mistake, i was amend-saving the style.css in another folder whereas it is linked from the header file which assumes it is in the includes folder, so i copied it thr, and it started listening to me. but more importantly is as i am using netbeans ID, its very helpful to explain all the selectors---classes---even values, now, changing the same style.css, i have an entirely new style sheet. don't think i will need any tutorials anymore. just adding a bit of flash and its all sorted.
  2. Just wondering how do i make changes in css sheet style.css(provided on dmcinsights.com) so, for example, to change the color scheme, appearance and other stuff. as i tried stuff, it doesn't seems to work for me and the page displays the same. perhaps a chapter in the book or a tutorial on this website on playing with css sheets could do. I know there are plenty of resources on the web, but they rather seems teaching form ab-initio which is daunting considering you are there to write the 'actual' code of creatng forms, linking databases, writing functions and not for the styling (as in my case, limited by time).
  3. well, i had exactly the same problem. but my issue was that i was using the same code (form.htm + handle_form.php) in same file and it was a php file. so going through this post, what i did is saved a bew file called form.html (containing the code for form) and another called handle_form.php containing the php code to get info from the form.html, process it and print it. ALL WORKED FINE. thought i post it here for some novice like me to see :')
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