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  1. Antonio: Yes. Makes sense. I did not ask my question very well. I was wanting to know the best way to place the css overrides within the YII structure and you addressed that. I started making the changes I need and it is working very well. Thx for taking the time. Nathan Reed
  2. I am trying to establish a best-practice for styling yii generated pages. I just finished setting up the YII-booster extension and working up an in-line edit on a grid (Shout out to Larry on The YII book). For example what if you want to change the default blue color scheme? Larry has stated he does not use themes so I assume there is a good way to do this with layouts? It does not seem like changing main.css, screen.css etc would be sound practice although a copy could be made before installing updates etc. Seems like changing page size, colors, fonts etc would be a very common practice but I find nothing on this topic. Plus I do not see a simple way to determine what css is associated with what page element? Anyone have some suggestions or helpful reference they can guide me to? Thx much, Nathan Reed
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