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  1. Larry, I've been a long-time reader of your books - having purchased the E-Commerce and several other PHP introduction books. They were critical in the success of helping me create somewhat of a little site for my family (7 children) while providing a small little store for my wife. I'm also a webmaster for a board gaming review site that uses a CMS and I often have a hard time understanding how to custom-write PHP code and get it to integrate with the CMS itself. That, and having had to update my site a bit I've realized there's just more that I simply don't grasp yet and, now that I've gotten my feet wet, I want to take the next step. Having said that, i just bought the Advanced book on Amazon - the kindle edition - but was really hoping for a PDF copy of it that I could use with a different reader on my IPAD. I can furnish copies of the receipts for proof of purchase (ORDER PLACED September 11, 2013 Order Details | Invoice ORDER #D01-4676545-2034533 RECIPIENT Robert J Searing TOTAL $24.19) I would also like to purchase your Javascript book as I had to develop some out-of-the-box scripting (with the help of some friends) to handle client side events (ie price options changing on store items and having total prices change upon selections) and thus I really need to learn more about that - but didn't want to make that jump unless I could ensure I could get a PDF copy of that as well. Please let me know. If able, the email I used to sign up for this account could be used (if that's even an option). In closing - thank you! You really have a wonderful way of helping teach in the way your books are organized and examples used. Your books have been SUCH a huge help to me. Sincerely, Rob Searing
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