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    Hello Larry, Satisifed “Effortless” customer here. Now I learn that you work with Stripe. Wow! Stripe seems to have the best API (not to mention brightest upside after the latest $80million round) for a novice like me. My question and concern, however, relates to features that we find useful for our marketplace startup (offered by a Stripe competitor): ACH debits and escrow. We’d like our customers to be able to pay with their bank/checking account (acct. and routing num.). As I understand it, Stripe currently does not process this type of payment: https://support.stripe.com/questions/plan
  2. Hello Larry, I'm following procedures detailed in your book and have a question about customers: Is my understanding correct that during checkout, the personal info entered by the customer (assuming first time customer) is saved to the database and quickly retrieved prior to --and to be used in-- submitting payment to the gateway? What happens when a customer fills-out the personal info form, submits it before final payment and then decides to abandon the cart/purchase without completing the payment part? His/her info is already in the database as a customer who did not buy anything? Hope
  3. Thanks so much for the reply and info, Larry!
  4. Hello Larry, I recently bought your book and am working on building my online store. I'd like to know, based on experience and after all the coding detailed on your book is done (with the exception of entering new and updating existing products and sales), what, if any, steps in the entire customer buying/ordering process requires manual human work? Are ALL the gateway procedures, response codes processed/inserted/updated automatically? Does the admin at need to manually confirm or update any table relating to an order? Thanks in advance for your expert replies. Katy
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