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  1. Hi, I'm working through chapter 13, adding yii-booster nav bar to my Yii development. I hope its appropriate to ask this question here (apologies in advance if it is not). I have a simplified version below. I basically want to add a visibility argument to the search form. It's wrong, but i've included it to try illustrate what I'm after. Am I unable to add and if inside and array? 'items'=>array( // L/H menu array( 'class'=>'bootstrap.widgets.TbMenu', 'items'=>array( // GUESTS array('label'=>'Log In', 'url'=>array('/site
  2. Yes, that was the first bit putting me off, was the fact that I hadn't seen anything like that in eamples or tutorials so didn't know if I was flying against convention. thanks in advance
  3. Hi all. So I'm a Yii learner. Just completed YiiBook which I really enjoyed. I'm now trying to put its principles into practise, however i'm still not fully getting the "mindset" so I need to turn to the experts for help. Goes like this // assign $id=$model->id; // get topic $topic = Yii::app()->db->createCommand() ->select('id, parent_id, name, description, url') ->from('silo') ->where('silo.id = '.$id.'') ->queryAll(); ?> <img class="title" src="<?php echo $topic[0]['url']; ?>" width="300" height="200" /> <div id="headline">
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