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  1. Hi Larry: I read the book twice and type all the code into my Netbeans IDE. The book works great for me, the instruciton of each script is simple and clear to understand. I did find a typo on page 621, line 138. the $_post['existing] should be replaced with $_post['artist']. I work through all the book details, actually I read each of you word in the book:). After test all the codes. I have 2 questions need to be clear: 1) I use login practice which is on page 589, line 29. when I use pass=SHA1('$p') compare with encypt password stored in database. I always get failed results. I use hard code like pass='123', it works. It seems password through SHA1() function cannot be equals to the encypt password stores in user table when the user first registered. I double check the password length stores in db is >40. Why I always get failed results when using SHA1() function? 2) The second question is on page 656 line 34. when you using mysqli_stmt_bind_param($stmt,'iiid',$oid,$pid,$qty,$price), the $oid you defined in checkout.php. But $pid,$qty,$price have not been retrieved from database or initialized. How do you write uninitilized varables into database? And it does work. I am confused about it.
  2. Hi Larry: You mentioned that The header.html is being included by PHP. Do you mean in the index.php file -- <?php # index.php $page_title = 'xxxxx'; include ('./includes/header.html'); ?> so that header.html code is part of the original php script?? If so why when i type php code in header.html file with netbeans, there is no code hint, and also the php code color is light blue?
  3. Hi: I was reading chapter 12, and found script 12.7 line 19 embed with php code? i am wondering how a html file can execute this php code? Should you change the header.html to header.php?
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