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  1. Hi Larry, Your book has really helped me a lot, thank you. My question: Regarding Chapter 2 ('the bootstrap file system section of the chapter') I am very familiar with how the system works, but when creating hyperlinks to other modules that are passing an id value, i cannot seem to figure out how to make work. For example when you create a normal php file, and you want to pass an id value via a hyperlink, you can do: <a href='myfile.php?id=" . $row->id . " '>Click Here</a> However when attempting that with a module with the name and extension of (myfile.inc.php), it obviously will not work. And i have tried of coarse: <a href='index.php?p=myfile?id=" . $row->id . " '>Click Here</a> and... <a href='index.php?p=myfile,inc.php?id=" . $row->id . " '>Click Here</a> with no luck. If you can point me in the right direction it would be a big help. Thanks a lot!
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