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  1. I don't really understand what is the calling class. Is that the class called? I only called the other two subclasses, not the superclass.
  2. I made a class and used self:: in the constructor so it calls all methods directly. The problem is that when I tried the example in the book with pets it works perfect, but while doing something nearly the same, just with a computer class, it doesn't work right. I tried to override a method in a child class and it simply won't override it. I used static:: and it works perfect. I read the documentation on php.net but I don't seem to get the 'why' question. Why does it happen that self:: doesn't work, static:: works in this case? Why do I have to use late static binding?
  3. I am trying to install it exactly as shown in the book. Currently am using Xampp on Windows 7. I even contacted the phpdocumentor support but without success. Pear is already installed successfully. All I get is: Is phpdoc in either the path or include_path in your php.ini file?
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