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  1. Hello there, I built a forum website based on chap 17. I uploaded that site to a free web hosting (www.000webhost.com). The problem I have is when the user is not logged in the data/time values show but once a user is logged in they don't show. How can I update my database and make the user time zone work? Any help or suggestion will be greatly appreciated. Regards, Gralf
  2. Hi guys, Thank for the info and suggestions. I am going to try the link to set that up on xamp otherwise I will just use a domain. Thanks.
  3. Hi Larry, I found out I misspelled the user's timezone session variable name on the read.php page instead of using the one started after login. After a couple of echos to confirm if the session['time_zone'] holds some value I was able to solve that problem by using the correct variable name. Thanks.
  4. Hello everyone, I was wondering if someone has ever succeeded sending email through Wamp. I have read tons of blogs/forums but I was not able to send emails. I have downloaded third-party softwares such as sendmail http://glob.com.au/sendmail/ but nothing happened. Any suggestions will be much appreciated. Regards.
  5. Hello everyone, I have a problem with my dates/time. When a user replies to a thread the time is not displayed according to his/here time zone. For example I have created some users with time zone of GMT+2 but when those users reply to threads the 'posted on' field contains the time value as GMT or simple put the user time zone - 2 hours. What could be the problem and how can I correct it? Thanks
  6. Hi Larry, I have finally imported the timezone information. I was almost there but I was putting the files in the wrong folder. In case someone has a similar problem, this is how I did it: 1. Download the files here http://dev.mysql.com/downloads/timezones.html 2. Unzip the folder and Copy its content 3. Stop MySql service (mysql needs to be stopped before importing the timezone info) 4. Go to Local Disk (depending on the installation) -> Wamp folder -> bin -> mysql -> mysqlx.x.x -> data -> mysql and paste/replace the timezone information from the downloaded folder. 5. Restart/Resume MySql service and here we go with the timezone info imported. Regards, Gralf
  7. Hi Larry. The link you a gave me didn't give me enough explanation, unless I didn't understand the explanation. Isn't there any other option to load the data into mysql (using wamp environment)? Because I have seen some resources that explain how to load data into mysql server not in wamp/mysql. I am done with the forum system but I'm still having trouble with the dates/times. Regards, Gralf.
  8. I have downloaded the zipped file, unzipped it, copy its content and paste it in wamp/bin/mysql/mysqlxxxx folder. I did not get any error message and the time/date values were not displayed. Regards, Gralf
  9. Hello everyone, I am have a problem that I am not able to fix. As explained in the book I don't see any values for my dates and times for the message board. I have downloaded the file (http://dev.mysql.com/downloads/timezones.html) to update my mysql installation but with no success. My question is how can I update my mysql installation on a wamp environment? Your help will be greatly appreciated. Regards, Gralf
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