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  1. just in header.html change the navigation links like this: /shop/sales/ - sales.php and so on
  2. i dont want to use mod_rewrite, i want to delete all .htttaccess files ,but it causes other lots of bugs and to fix that is very tedious process. just larry mentioned that, easy fix that problem is add .httacces file that code: <IfModule mod_rewrite.c> RewriteEngine on RewriteBase /ex2/ but what he mean in ex2? exactly what i need to add instead of ex2? my web root directory is C:\xampp\htdocs\larry-ecommerce\html . please help.
  3. i can't access any css and images folders. i have sent the whole day,try things hundred times, watch playlist about .htttaccess but without result. please tell me what should i write in .httaccess file to see css and images folders. my web root directory is C:\xampp\htdocs\larry-ecommerce\html
  4. i copy everything, only change config and mysql.inc section. i have fixed problem, just add custom css on bootstrap.min.css like this: ul li:hover > ul { display: block; }
  5. when i hover on account or admin menus, nothing drop down, for example this code dont appear: Logout Renew Change Password Favorites Recommendations
  6. i have found easy solution how to install pear on xamp Go to the Xaamp control panel and click shell button. It will open a cmd window. Type pear install pear_package_name. (pear_package_name means name of your pear package you want to install). For example you can type pear install Net_GeoIP-1.0.0 to install Net_GeoIP pear package. But you need an active internet connection to do this. This also canbe done offline too if you already downloaded the package.
  7. i can't figure out how to install pear package on windows, can you explain step by step? :/
  8. i am quite confuse about accesses non static methods via static context. for example: class Test{ function Test(){ } } you can accesses this method without creating object, how is it possible? Test::Test(); then why we need to write static ahead that method? what the difference between static function Test() and function Test()?
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