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  1. You can also create your own SSL certificate and sign it off for the browser to accept, a simple search on google will give you a tutorial to complete this task. Regards
  2. Hi Niel, Try changing your .site-content class selector in your css style sheet from "padding: 50px 0;" to "padding: 50px;". Your selector defined rules for above and below your element, not the left or right. for quick and informative tutorials on css visit https://www.htmldog.com/references/css/properties/padding/ regards
  3. Glad to hear you got it sorted! As a side note, when developing its good to test your site on 4 -5 different browsers (Firefox being my favorite) as they all behave differently, most noticeably IE. Nice color theme by the way !
  4. Hi, I have tested the site live and its all working my end. It may be obvious but your cache on your browser may be causing this, clear your browser cache and try another browser, also, are you testing locally or on the live site ? Regards David
  5. HI, "The links look EXACTLY the same to the other links in the drop down menu (dynamically created)." can you provide the php code for this ? Regards David
  6. HI, I Believe it would be much better in downloading wamp on your computer to work in a web developing environment before hosting on a live web server as you will likely be vulnerable to many attacks due to not having solid code in place. Also it's free and therefore a much cheaper option. David
  7. HI Cynthie, http ( Hypertext Transfer Protocol ) is the technology that delivers the html ( Hyper text markup language). so, you would write the source for the image using the img tag in html, then use the php fuction include to include that html file. do you have sound knowledge of html ?
  8. HI Cynthie, what software are you using to open the zip download and what operating system, winrar for windows operating system is a good program to use. once downloaded the code will be in the file named 'sql.sql' as its a sql file you can simply import it into a database using phpmyadmin facilitating the process opposed to copy and pasting each manually.
  9. but that's only if i store the $_SESSION variable into a column into a table in the database, for example, if i had a table called "cartdata" could i not do this ? INSERT INTO cartdata (customer_id, user_session_id, sku, quantity) VALUES ($_SESSION['cid'], $_SESSION['uid'], $_GET['product_sku'], 1) before i run the query, i would check to see if customer_id is set, if not, i will use user_session_id, however the table will encounter null values in some columns due to this, so i was thinking of making a seperate table for guests. what your thoughts?
  10. thanks for the reply Larry, to save the session data i will save it to a database table, and save that session data assigned to a user id which would of course be of a registered user, but how would i save session data for just a guest ? create a separate table for just guests? thanks!
  11. HI Larry, what i am trying to achieve is a common approach of allowing a user to checkout without being a registered member as the example does, however i want to implement a registration system in the site, and know the best way of holding data in a cookie or session and knowing the best time to switch the data over from the cookie to the session. Should i start the session on every page and when a user logs in just add user_id to the session and delete it when they log out? or use cookies only until a user logs in or a non-user reaches the checkout page ? one more thing, how can i setup an area where a non user could check or track their order? thank you!
  12. Glad its working for you buddy, however, line 87 "} // End of the create_form_input() function." is not all one comment, the curly brace is still interpreted by php but the text that follows the forward slash's "//" is read as a comment. regards
  13. i think you are including the same file twice, please check lines 13 and 87, also change to require_once rather than include.
  14. at the very start of the script you are missing an angle bracket ' < ' i dont know whether this was just a mistake in your posting or in the script, is the page throwing back any errors ?
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