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  1. For the record, The error I had was in the login.html file. I had - if($form->submitted...; instead of if($form->isSubmitted... I will say that I learned quite a bit about pear because of this and I also learned that mulitple files causes multiple headaches when trying to figure out where your errors are. I did find what I think is an error in the book. In the users.php file, the function canEditPage(Page $p); should be canEditPage(Page $page). When I made that change the edit function worked properly. Not saying that I didn't have another error in some other file Have a great day. Bruce.
  2. I blew everything up and started over. Saved my files and forgot about my databases; I'm glad this is just "practice". Installed html_quicKform2 version 2.0.0 and tried again. I got the same results. I then used all of your files from the book and it worked!! Somewhere in one of my files I have an issue. I laughed when I read at the end of one of your chapters about creating an error to see what happens....not a problem! Off to find the needle in the haystack. Thanks for yhour help. Bruce
  3. The version is 2.0.2, I installed it Monday. I have not used it prior to the exercises in ch 9. I was definitely looking forward to using it. Thanks for your help. Love the book.
  4. I ran into this issue while doing the exercises in CH 9 trying to create the login page. Fatal error: Fatal error: Call to undefined method HTML_QuickForm2::Submitted() in C:\xampp2\php\pear\HTML\QuickForm2\Container.php on line 489 I got the above results with my login.php file and the login file from the book. This is the function that is referenced by the error message. /** * Appends an element to the container, creating it first * * The element will be created via {@link HTML_QuickForm2_Factory::createElement()} * and then added via the {@link appendChild()} method. * The element type is deduced from the method name. * This is a convenience method to reduce typing. * * @param string $m Method name * @param array $a Method arguments * * @return HTML_QuickForm2_Node Added element * @throws HTML_QuickForm2_InvalidArgumentException * @throws HTML_QuickForm2_NotFoundException */ public function __call($m, $a) { if (preg_match('/^(add)([a-zA-Z0-9_]+)$/', $m, $match)) { if ($match[1] == 'add') { $type = strtolower($match[2]); $name = isset($a[0]) ? $a[0] : null; $attr = isset($a[1]) ? $a[1] : null; $data = isset($a[2]) ? $a[2] : array(); return $this->addElement($type, $name, $attr, $data); } } trigger_error("Fatal error: Call to undefined method ".get_class($this)."::".$m."()", E_USER_ERROR); } Any suggestions ? Thanks Bruce
  5. I too have enjoyed your book. Look forward to moving on after completeing all the exercises in this book. I like your "throw you to the wolves" approach. I spend quite a bit of time debugging my files; which allows me to better understand the code. I have one minor critique; you stated in the begginning of the book that white space generally doesn't matter. I took it to heart :-} I was pulling out my hair with Script 10.4 and carried over to 10.5. I couldn't get the edit, delete and next function to work. Everything else worked fine. The issue turned out to be a space after the file reference (...php?s =). I won't make that mistake again. Thanks Bruce
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