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  1. Hi Larry, I would really love to hear what your thoughts are on this subject matter? Do you have a solution?
  2. Wow what a quick fix! Thanks so much daddytiger for sharing your find. So grateful--it's hard to find words to express how much! For me, the second method you have mentioned was all I needed to rectify the problem: And now my subtotal works perfectly! I can't thank you enough. You have made my day! Cheers.
  3. Hi Larry, I was not exactly sure how to go about echoing back the unformatted base price and subtotal. Instead, I have made sure everything was coded exactly as it is presented in your book. But no success with my ongoing issue. So I have decided to recreate the Coffee Website using the books downloadable files, along with creating the database ecommerce2 (on my local server using xammp). I then ran the Coffee Site seeing it in action. It works beautifully. Out of curiosity I then checked to see if the Coffee Site might possibly have the same issue I'm experiencing with my project.
  4. Yes, yes I still need help with this. And no worries, I understand summer is a crazy busy time. You are welcome about your book; it is quality (exactly what I was looking for) and I can hardly wait to get my project up and running using your examples.
  5. Hello Larry, This is a really goooooood book! I'm still a bit green in PHP, but working through your book, php is starting to click. My error must be somewhere in my code but I can't seem to figure it out. I've tried everything I could possibly think of including loading and reloading all the code, but still no answers. I've tried reformatting the number_format function to: number_format($subtotal, 2, '.',' '), FORMAT(sc.price/100, 2, '.', ' ') and many other variations with all the number_format functions, but obviously I don't know what I am doing. So, I have decided to go ahead and
  6. Hello, I want to be able to list an item for at least $1000.00 dollars. But, in the subtotal column, the decimal point is not displayed in the correct place. For example: Your Shopping Cart I am able to start out with the decimal point in the hundreds column. I then add a lot of quantities and update. Everything works just fine; the subtotal is correctly updated. ITEM QTY PRICE SUBTOTAL OPTIONS cappuccino machine :: 4 cup capacity 9 $150.00 $1350.00 Move
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