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  1. Ok, now I see that browsing coffees uses list_coffees2.html not list_products3.html
  2. I'm having the following problem: browse.php makes a call to stored procedure select_products('$sp_type', $sp_cat) and then includes list_products3.html, the following error occurs when browsing goodies, but not when browsing coffees: "An error occurred in script 'C:\xampp\htdocs\ex2\html\views\list_products3.html' on line 62: Undefined index: sale_price" list_products3.html calls the function get_price($type, $row['price'], $row['sale_price']) but of course $row['sale_price'] does not exist. Has anyone else run into this? Why is it an issue with goodies and not coffees? Suggestions on a fix?
  3. I've got your first edition of Effortless E-Commerce with PHP and MySQL. I've downloaded the script files and installed into xampp. The first issue I've identified is that some stored procedures are missing. So far, get_shopping_cart_contents and get_wish_list_contents. Looking in my phpMyAdmin, I can see 3 routines. None of them the same as the procedures I'm looking for. Are these routines the same as stored procedures? Looking in the book I find code for get_shopping_cart_contents and 3 other procedures for the cart, so I presume I can create them in the database. However the procedure get_wish_list_contents can't be found in the book or errata. How do I get that info? How much more information am I missing?
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