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  1. Hi, First, I would appreciated for your reply. I made some of the changes which you mentioned, however, I encountered error again in some of the script syntax and I think I need your help again. // Display each record: echo "\t<tr> <td align=\"left\"><a href=\"browse_prints.php?aid={$row['artist_id']}\">{$row['artist']}</a></td> <td align=\"left\"><a href=\"view_print.php?pid={$row['print_id']}\">{$row['print_name']}</a></td> <td align=\"left\">{$row['description']}</td> <td align=\"right\">\${$row['price']}</td> <td align=\"right\">//\${$row['image_name']} if ($image = @getimagesize ("/images/$pid")) { echo "<div align=\"center\"><img src=\"images?image=$pid&name=" . urlencode($row['image_name']) . "\" $image[3] alt=\"{$row['print_name']}\" /></div>\n"; } else { echo "<div align=\"center\">No image available.</div>\n"; } </td> <a href=\"add_cart.php?pid=$pid\">Add to Cart</a> </tr>\n"; } // End of while loop. Thank you again, Mathew
  2. Hi, I started to implement the last chapter of the book (chapter-19 - e-commerce). Everything was good, till I found that I cannot write or move any file to the server drive, then I decided to add the product's picture to MySQL like other product information. However, I encountered errors and I could not add the product's info to MySQL. I want to know about the changes which I should make to do so. Thank you
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