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  1. Hello Larry, thank you for your reply and sorry for the delay. Unfortunately I already tried in many ways to do something like what you suggest but obviously there still is something wrong in my approach to the code to implement this functionality. I'll try to have a look again. Thanks.
  2. Hello to everyone, What can i do to prevent bad updates by concurrent users that happen to be operating on the same record of the database? I immagine it should be implemented a way to block a record when another user is using it. How can i accomplish that with YII? Thanks in advance for any help and have a pleasant weekend! Fabrizio
  3. Hello, I'd like to set the "Delete item" link given by default by the CRUD generator in order to make it just update a field of the database with a varchar string instead of really delleting the record. In practice my "delete" function would be an "update" one. Unfortunately i couldn't help myself reading in the YII book (which i bought some months ago) and trying a serach on the internet. Maybe some of you can help even just pointing me to a link or documentation that cold halp me. What I wish to obtain is the following: I have a field in my table called "record_status" which has
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