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  1. @Duke...no joy. I've confirmed my logout.php is identical to the downloadable example for the book. When I say content is displaying for index.php, I mean that the logout message on logout.php isn't displaying. The URL is changing, but the page is not re-directing, and the user_id isn't being removed from the session.
  2. Login works smoothly. $_SESSION['user_id'] is set (I've confirmed that by echoing this at the top of the page as a troubleshooting step). However, once logged in, selecting either logout or change password from the menu successfully re-directs to the correct URL (either logout.php or change_password.php), but (and this confuses me to no end) the content is the content for index.php. The content for logout.php doesn't display, in other words. In addition, after selecting logout, the user_id variable continues to print at the top of the page, which seems to indicate that the logout functions are
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