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  1. Ok , I got it! Each item is an entry in the order_contents table with its quantity, price, etc... Am I right? Thank you Francois
  2. Hi Larry, I'm looking at the customers tables design, page 188, and there is something I don't understand. For me it looks like the order_contents table can store only one item per order, with its product_id, quantity and price. But if an order contains several items, how can it be stored in the order_contents table with each product_id, quantity and price? Thank you Francois
  3. No, it's just that in the Programming chapter it's written "New in this edition of the book, however, is Chapter 16, “An OOP Example.” It demonstrates how key components of an e-commerce site would be programmed using OOP". And many sites which sell the book give in the Table of content: Part 4: Extra Touches Chapter 12: Marketing and UX Touches Chapter 13: Adding JavaScript and Ajax Chapter 14: Using Stripe Payments Chapter 15: Extending the First Site Chapter 16: Extending the Second Site Chapter 17: An OOP Example Anyway, i was very insterested about the key components which would be p
  4. Hello, I have bought the e-book (2nd Edition) and i notice that two chapters are missing in the e version : Marketing and UX Touches and An OOP Example. Is this normal?
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