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  1. I did more looking on the internet and found that the download did not have bootstrap min js included. I downloaded the bootstrap dist and put the min.js in the js folder and all is working. I think this should help others
  2. when I first start up the sample site, I don't get the login pages and only the header and index show. Something is wrong and not allowing the login to display. I can see the session id and it is not user_id etc. I have loaded the complete example and was trying to see it work as I did the lessions. It seems to make more sense to me when i do this.
  3. I am working on a Windows machine with Xampp, I have the code into my htdocs and the web page index.php# does display. I was able to register and I did look into the database and make the change to admin for my account. I still do not get a drop down for account and admin and don't see where I am to login. Could you please point me into the proper direction. Thanks Tons
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