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  1. Hi Larry, Thank you for replying. I'll try what you suggested and get back with the result. Thanks once again.
  2. Hi, I bought this book effortless ecommecre 2nd edition and downloaded the source code from this website. The first pdf example worked but the coffee ecommerce script isn't working properly. First, I am using xampp and the directory i stored the code for coffee ecom is at "c:/xampp/htdocs/ullman". what should be my base uri and base url. I did "define('BASE_URI', 'c:/xampp/htdocs/ullman/'), define('BASE_URL', 'localhost/ullman/');" which made the site work partially. For instance, the Home, Coffee, Goodies, Sales, Wish List, Cart works but the css for pages having url "http://localhost/ullman/shop/" like Coffee, Goodies and Sales isn't working. The page shows the content but no design. Why? Second, on cart.php there are two options, Update quantity and checkout. The checkout takes me to "https://localhost/ullman/checkout.php" (which works partially, again there is no css design) but when I try to update the quantity there is a 404-object not found error with url becoming "http://localhost/cart.php". Can anyone guide what is wrong that I am doing. Thanks.
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