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  1. Thank you very much Larry for such detailed information. I will try again from my local server to avoid this issue, I use XAMPP for that. Thanks again for your help.
  2. Hi Larry, thanks for your reply. Your book is very comprehensive and dynamic. I'm a php developer, but didn't have too much experience programing in terminal. I just follow the steps mentioned in your book and yii web page. 1) Acording to de book i installed the previous version of Yii (1.1.16), in my online web server. 2) YiiRoot = http://www.flagdc.com/00-resources/yii/ WebRoot = http://www.flagdc.com/proyectos/ 3) First i try the Book example in Terminal: cd http://www.flagdc.com/proyectos/ http://www.flagdc.com/00-resources/yii/framework/yiicwebapp helloworld ...And I get: ~ No such file or directory 4) Then i try with a tutorial en yii ewb page: (http://www.yiiframework.com/doc/guide/1.1/es/quickstart.first-app) Terminal: cd http://www.flagdc.com/proyectos/testdrive ~ No such file or directory php http://www.flagdc.com/00-resources/yii/framework/yiic.phpwebapp http://www.flagdc.com/proyectos/testdrive ~ Could not open input file Thanks for your support. Regards!
  3. Hi, I'm frustrated with the first practical example of the book. I'm trying to create the first application using yiic from osx terminal but I can't. I installed Yii on a web server and followed all the instructions in the book and the forum but doesn't work. Thank's for your help.
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