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  1. Thank you very much Larry for such detailed information. I will try again from my local server to avoid this issue, I use XAMPP for that. Thanks again for your help.
  2. Hi Larry, thanks for your reply. Your book is very comprehensive and dynamic. I'm a php developer, but didn't have too much experience programing in terminal. I just follow the steps mentioned in your book and yii web page. 1) Acording to de book i installed the previous version of Yii (1.1.16), in my online web server. 2) YiiRoot = http://www.flagdc.com/00-resources/yii/ WebRoot = http://www.flagdc.com/proyectos/ 3) First i try the Book example in Terminal: cd http://www.flagdc.com/proyectos/ http://www.flagdc.com/00-resources/yii/framework/yiicwebapp helloworld
  3. Hi, I'm frustrated with the first practical example of the book. I'm trying to create the first application using yiic from osx terminal but I can't. I installed Yii on a web server and followed all the instructions in the book and the forum but doesn't work. Thank's for your help.
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