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  1. Ok so at first I couldn't get the index.php page to show up but after adding the mod -rewrite, then after adding the subdirectory to the css link, img src and href everything displayed fine and almost every link works. The only links that are not working are the ones that go to coffee, goodies, and sales, along with all the links that are a product. in my htdocs folder i have site2/index.php so I was putting site2 in front of references like the book mentioned but those pages wont load. the links are like this /site2/shop/goodies and the last one changes depending on link. I hope you guys understand my problem. Any insights on how to get these links working would be stupendous.
  2. Sorry, still new to IT, instructor just told me I dont' need foreign keys and that the figures just represent the relationship not that there is a foreign key, I'm making things harder than they really are.
  3. Ok, so I imported the SQL code for the second site. Now im in the designer view so I can physically see everything. When I start to create the foreign key links it goes well until i try to link "non_coffee_products" to "sales". I successfully linked "specific_coffees" to "sales" and after I did I still could not link "non_coffee_products" to "sales", but this time I get Error: Relation already exists. So my questions are 1. Why wont the foreign key work between "non-coffee-products" and "sales"? 2. How do I link them both to "sales" if only one relation can be set up? Thank you for looking into my inquiry.
  4. Im having the same problem as well. I was able to create a paypal account but ti doesnt seem to let me log in anyone. The code it gave me for my button was www.paypal.com and not sandbox.paypal.com even though I started the button making process on the test account for the seller.
  5. New information, if I leave the "!" in on the second parameter I get the warning to renew when I click on a category, but after that if i refresh or click on a page link and then go back by clicking on a category the warning goes away. Im not sure why the warning if displaying at all. Also, when clicking around as a guest, when i click on a category I get the appropriate message, but when I click on a link to a page, somehow it logs me in as a member
  6. In the source code and as well as the book you write if (isset($_SESSION['user_id']) && !isset($_SESSION['user_not_expired'])) { echo '<div class="alert"><h4>Expired Account</h4>Thank you for your interest in this content. Unfortunately your account has expired. Please <a href="renew.php">renew your account</a> in order to access site content.</div>'; } elseif (!isset($_SESSION['user_id'])) { echo '<div class="alert">Thank you for your interest in this content. You must be logged in as a registered user to view site content.</div>'; } and it displays the error that the member needs to renew, However I set the date to expire a month out on both my admin and member logins. when I take out the "!" from the second parameter it fixes the problem and the error message goes away. Was the "!" a mistake or am I not doing something correctly? I have been running off of the full scripts download and only tweaking things to sync up with my database. Also after I removed the "!" when I click on a category after it displays no error and I go to a page.php and click back to a category, or click on a different/same category I get the error to renew. Insights would be greatly appreciated.
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