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  1. I want to get the primary key values of movie and actor table. When i selected values in radio button primary key has been created automatically to the movie and actor table. Now I want to get that primary key value and insert to the movie_actor table. my code connect.php <?php $dbc = mysqli_connect('localhost','root','black98765','db_name') OR die("Cannot connect to MySQL:" . mysqli_connect_error()); //insert into actor table $q = "INSERT INTO actor (name) VALUES ('$actor')"; //insert into movie table $q2 = "INSERT INTO movie (movie_name, release_year) VALUES ('$movie','$year')"; //movie_actor table $q3 = "INSERT INTO movie_actor (movie_no,actor_no,rate) VALUES ('$rate')"; //what value i need to put inside values for movie_no and actor_no? //connect and insert $q $r = mysqli_query($dbc,$q); $r2 = mysqli_query($dbc,$q2); $r3 = mysqli_query($dbc,$q3); if($r && $r2 && $r3){ echo "Inserted Successfully!"; }else{ echo "Failed to Insert Data!"; mysqli_error($dbc); } mysqli_close($dbc); ?> form.php <?php if(isset($_POST['submit'])){ if($_SERVER['REQUEST_METHOD'] == 'POST'){ $error = array(); //choose actor if(!isset($_POST['actor'])){ $error[] = "Please choose of the following actors!"; }else{ $actor = $_POST['actor']; } //choose movie if(!isset($_POST['movie'])){ $error[] = "Please choose of the following movies!"; }else { $movie = $_POST['movie']; } //choose release year if(!isset($_POST['year'])){ $error[] = "Please choose of the following release year!!"; }else{ $year = $_POST['year']; } //choose rate if(!isset($_POST['rate'])){ $error[] = "Please choose of the following rate!"; }else{ $rate = $_POST['rate']; } //if no errors if(empty($error)){ require('connect.php'); }else{ echo "<p>System Error!</p>"; foreach($error as $msg){ echo $msg."<br/>\n"; } } } } ?> <form action="form.php" method="POST"> <p>Select on the following Selections</p> <p><label for="actor">Name of Actor:</label> <input type="radio" name="actor1" value="Jet Li"/>Jet Li <input type="radio" name="actor2" value="Sylvester Stallone"/>Sylvester Stallone <input type="radio" name="actor3" value="Jason Statham"/>Jason Statham</p> <p><label for="movie">Name of Movie:</label> <input type="radio" name="movie1" value="Expendables 3"/>Expendables 3 <input type="radio" name="movie2" value="Rocky"/>Rocky <input type="radio" name="movie3" value="Kiss of the Dragon"/>Kiss of the Dragon</p> <p><label for="movie">Release Year:</label> <input type="radio" name="year1" value="2014"/>2014 <input type="radio" name="year2" value="1976"/>1976 <input type="radio" name="year3" value="2001"/>2001</p> <p><input type="submit" name="submit" value="Insert"/></p> </form>
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