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  1. you can download QuickForm2 folder from the PEAR site but QuickForm2.php file is still missing. Alternatively you can download both the folder and the file from github and include them on your respective directory: It worked very well for me. here is the link at github. https://github.com/pear/HTML_QuickForm2
  2. Thank you both Antonio and Larray. In fact there wasn't a mistake in Larry's original code, I was wondering! how come! I solved it by changing the computer and the topic for a while and returned to it again from the start. I learned much out of it. thanks
  3. Hi Larry, First I would like to express my satisfaction with your books, PHP book 4, and the advanced one covering OOP. I need your help here to figure out the way to solve this problem: The book: "Object Oriented PHP" (Fatal error: Call to a member function setFetchMode() on boolean) In fact the script stop working at the end of start of the form up to the and never run the query and the rest of the form. - the submit input is not shown in the browser. - I got the error notification by checking the view page source. That is all for now. Again, your books on PHP are great and the best among the ones I have ever read. thanks
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