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  1. Thank you, Brent Knigge for attention, but unfortunately it is not what looking for. I understood that there are two types of autManager. And in the Larry's Yii book the DbAuthManager is used. I'm speaking about how user's role could be change without deleting all settings of rbac. Because, it can be done by deceloper, but not by administrator who will use site. Here is a long quote from the book: "¬ęThe goal is to invoke the assign() method once for each user, as that's what the RBAC system will need in order to confirm permission. The first thing you'll need to do is determi
  2. Hello! First of all, I really appreciate the Yii book and I find it just awesome! Thank you! But, I have a question about rbac. In your book you are showind how to tie roles to database users. And I lost the thread at the moment when the roles are assigned to the users: # protected/models/User.php public function afterSave() { if (!Yii::app()->authManager->isAssigned( $this->type,$this->id)) { Yii::app()->authManager->assign($this->type, $this->id); } return parent::afterSave(); When a user is created - the role pointed at "type" attribute is assigned to the act
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