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  1. Thank you. Yes i'll stick to normalization and understand it first, also I did not get "but primary keys by definition should never change."
  2. I think I am stuck here. I am confused if I am getting the right concept. 1) Index 2) 2NF & 3NF 3) Character SET & Collation 4) Primary Keys, Foreign keys I think this is Important for me to understand before I jump to chapter 7. Index), By index, what I understand after watching some videos and reading from book too, that its something like creating a copy of a 'column', maybe in memory so that searching data can be easy. 2NF & 3NF), I think I am lost here, 1NF is to make sure columns are atomic that is no multiple data, 2NF is to make sure that nothing is being repeated or minimum redundancy as well as to assign primary and foreign keys. 3NF is achieved once we already achieve 1NF and 2NF. 3Nf makes sure database is normalized with keys, minimum redundancy, atomic columns. Character set), so character set is other word for encoding, when assigned to a column or table, only that type of data/texts can be stored. and collations are rules for it or a type within charset. Keys), primary key is the main key and foreign key is a copy of primary key, or points to primary key, or is a reference to primary key. So if primary key is altered i.e if its incremented, foreign key gets incremented automatically? I am not sure if I got the right concept, if not please correct me. This is really confusing for me. I am not getting whats behind, I mean okay I now know how to create/update/ database tables columns etc. But whats happening in background is confusing me. how are all these linked together. MySQL manual is kind of more complex for a newbie like me. Please help me. Thank you.
  3. hello, I have starting reading the PHP and MySQL 4th edition book by LarryUllman. So far I have completed first four chapters and now starting 5th chapter. But, with time as I read further, I also want to develop good skills i.e be good in what I am learning. So can anyone suggest me some startup projects? or scripts etc I can try to code, so I can be more good in programming. Regards,
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