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  1. Thank you. Yes i'll stick to normalization and understand it first, also I did not get "but primary keys by definition should never change."
  2. I think I am stuck here. I am confused if I am getting the right concept. 1) Index 2) 2NF & 3NF 3) Character SET & Collation 4) Primary Keys, Foreign keys I think this is Important for me to understand before I jump to chapter 7. Index), By index, what I understand after watching some videos and reading from book too, that its something like creating a copy of a 'column', maybe in memory so that searching data can be easy. 2NF & 3NF), I think I am lost here, 1NF is to make sure columns are atomic that is no multiple data, 2NF is to make sure that nothing is bei
  3. hello, I have starting reading the PHP and MySQL 4th edition book by LarryUllman. So far I have completed first four chapters and now starting 5th chapter. But, with time as I read further, I also want to develop good skills i.e be good in what I am learning. So can anyone suggest me some startup projects? or scripts etc I can try to code, so I can be more good in programming. Regards,
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