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  1. dmx1, You are building the complete list item as you iterate through the loop. Do this... open a notepad. Manually look/loop through the code. 1. When you get to echo, take that part and put it in the notepad. 2. After it is in the note pad replace any variable names with their corresponding values. $k is symbolic for the "Key" part of the Key-Value pair. $v is the symbolic for the "Value" part of the Key-Value pair. In case you missed it the Key / Values are on page 67. step 4. 3. if you did this correctly, you will end up with the same
  2. Google "Chrome" is wanting all sites to use SSL at all times or will mark pages as not secure. You can still have the site searchable and viewable without signing in if you want it that way. Then when they log in, they get an id number that matches the cart id. (cid) https://www.theverge.com/2018/2/8/16991254/chrome-not-secure-marked-http-encryption-ssl
  3. This probably doesn't help at all, but I have had a website working for over a year, and just recently it broke because it can't start the session. It seems something changed from my hosting service, that affected the sessions. I have seen some posts that indicate the problem was that the session write directory was non-existent, or that there were no write permissions to that directory. I haven't investigated enough to fix my problem. I have decided to start building a machine to host my web site from my home. It will probably take a month or more for me to get everything set up correctl
  4. Jan, I think more important than reading is browsing. Look through whole books just turning pages, and indexing things in your mind that you think would be helpful. Next decide what you want to code. Ruff out your code in comments. Fill it out with more and more detail until you can turn your comments into code. Go through your mental index of the topics you looked at and see if any apply to what you want to do. If there are any read them, if not google for them. Implement the simplest thing you can, and the important part is to make sure it works. Then improve it. Does it do everyth
  5. Thanks for responding. Thats quite a feet to take questions from a million users, AND write a book at the same time...I am impressed!!!
  6. I am not sure on this but I have re-written my website with pdo database access. It took an a long time to make all the changes and test everything, but I am happy with it. I just am not sure it was worth the time. I am asking now before I implement the second site (the ecommerce site).
  7. Yes, my web page was built from "Effortless E-Commerce with PHP and MySql second edition". This was my first website in many years, and my has everything changed. I learned everything from the book, then re-wrote the site about 5 times to add what I thought would be needed for me. I added a few improvements such as an age for each topic, being able to select multiple categories for each topic, and making the categories hierarchical. To name a few. Then I added a section for advertisements where companies could make simple adds and display them accourding to a distribution zone that they sel
  8. I was able to complete the first site, with some enhancements. I would like anybody, and everybody, including Larry (my hero) to check it out. https://www.j5cmarketing.com You need to register to see anything, and you can send me a feed back if you like. 90 Days free, then if you like, you can pay with Paypal....
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