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  1. Larry, if you were asking me, then yes I finally got it to work. What I had to do was change line #52 in login.inc.php from if ($row['expired'] === 1) $_SESSION['user_not_expired'] = true; to: if ($row['expired'] == 1) $_SESSION['user_not_expired'] = true; (removed one "=" from the equality.) It also worked if I changed the equality to "== true". But with the triple = sign I kept getting the Expired warning when attempting to view the categories or documents whether signing in with an expired or an unexpired user. Thanks for checking back!
  2. I am also having the problem that when attempting to view pages from the sidebar (categories.php) it tells me I am expired (even after adjusting my expire date in the database to months out. I'm wondering if $_SESSION is set to "true" or even if "false" (login.inc.php line 27) isn't it still "set" either way? So no matter what the expired status, the error is going to display? I should note that I only started having this problem after commenting out the test code for sidebar tests in index.php and page.php (downloaded files) which set the session ['user_not_expired'] to "true" (I realiz
  3. I had the same problem with the categories not being able to be selected (they would display but you couldn't 'select' them; and therefore no page could be added). I resolved it by commenting out some lines of code "Bonus" for Chapt. 12 and UN-commenting replacement lines. See my reply to the topic "Sql Commands For Adding Pages Of Content?" for details.
  4. I am also getting the "Please select a category" error and it won't let me add my page - even after I populated my categories table with a couple of items I found that there were some lines of code in add_page.php which were commented out (99-101) and other lines active that were "Bonus" for Chap 12 (lines 107 & 108). When I switched 99-101 to active it let me select a category and added my page. Another note - page 117 of the book is missing the first "if" conditional (if $_server{REQUEST...) and page 119 is missing the code to clear the $_POST array. In case anyone else is stumped
  5. THANK YOU joost! I couldn't get the 'favorites' link to display correctly. The error was showing in the sidebar as an error with header.html but it was because of that misplaced link in the favorites.php!! I relocated the MYSQL include statement and now it displays correctly!
  6. THANK YOU! grahamgr3! I had the same problem and was wondering how many more chapters to go through to figure out why I didn't get the Account dropdown either. BTW for anyone else with this problem the website to find the missing .js file is found on page 64 of the "effortless e-commerce" 2nd ed. book. You have to download, unzip and look in the 'js' folder for bootstrap.min.js. Thanks, Larry for another wonderful book to help amateurs like me to set up our own websites!
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