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  1. An important SEO/SMM update of XRumer 12.0.16 + SocPlugin 4.0.34 1. SEO, SMM efficiency, same as software effectiveness in getting direct traffic – significantly increased, demonstrated by reports and video: XRumer 12 – a tool with great history, well known for webmasters: on market the software is more than 10 years: first version of software was released in 2006 and permanently updated and improved. (view this video with in high resolution, more detailed information you can ask by email botmaster@bk.ru ) 2. Updated our promo-materials: Source
  2. It would be easier for us to sort out those wishes that pertained to HM4 vs HM5. Since to running list is available to see which ones were implemented or not. ___
  3. You can use the PHP fputcsv function to generate CSV files from array. The array can be created via mysql_query and mysql_fetch_assoc functions. If you need more help, let me know.
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