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  1. Ok thanks for reply, however as PHP 7/5 is going to be retired later this year for good, do you think that an updated PHP Advanced OOP book will be out in time to reflect the new changes in PHP 8, and if you may have any idea of it ever coming out, have a great day! best, Fred
  2. Just wanted to know, if there is going to be a new edition of this book in the near future and if there is, when will this book be out, please let me know. Best Regards, Fred
  3. I mean where you say for example '245 => array()' I want to display this without needing to use 'print_r' or 'var_dump' and use a custom call back function in 'array_walk_recursive'
  4. Hi Larry, been away for summer, just a quick one you know the 'array_walk_recursive' function how would I capture the Keys which are also arrays in the the multi-dimensional array because I used the array_map and it worked with the call back function but the key which are arrays didnt display for example could I say in user defined function '$key1 => $key2' => $value' I know this isnt quite right but i'm a bit unsure, please let me know. bless, fred.
  5. Hi Larry, i'm quite new to the forum, just have a quick question from chapter one from the pursue section, basically how would I display each element in the multidimentional array? without using print_r. Would I use a foreach loop to loop through element or within a function use a array_key_exist to test if key exist, then if true return that data from array please let me know. regards, fred
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