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  1. So...the section on JOINS which consist of a bunch of records in the example which are never created by the reader (page 208 for example) are magically created out of nothing? I think you forgot something major there. If the respondent is the author of the book (as is assumed by many) I'll state this plainly for you. Examples in learning material should ONLY be done with tools available. In other words, your examples should not consist of records which the reader would not actually have. It is similar to expecting you to be able to properly upgrade a laptop's hard drive if the only tool you have available is a hammer. (It isn't going to work no matter how hard you smack it with the hammer.)
  2. Basically stated, I am not asking for what I already know. Creating them and modifying is not the question. The ones being used for examples in the book that don't exist is the question.
  3. It only shows creating one's own. The databases used for MySQL are the ones in question as the tables for practicing the JOINS are non-existant. Also, the second section of which chapter...though it raises the question of why the book references connecting to a database it has yet to provide the information on connecting to. Ironic to be irrational in order in a programming language instruction based on rationality.
  4. So...I'm just getting really frustrated now. I've been reading through several of these chapters several times. My school always tends to not choose books well. On to the issue though. In several sections I've noted it stating "Connect to MySQL and select the forum database." This is where the issue lies. I have MySQL and PHP installed in both operating systems of my laptop (Linux and Windows) and in neither does the referenced database exist. The book does not even state WHERE or HOW to have this included. How is a person supposed to follow the examples if some crucial components were left out? It's like giving directions by saying "Just follow me" while in a car to a person on a bicycle. Saying follow me would be completely worthless. If someone can at least point me in the right direction to actually have these referenced databases...or to a quality book. Either way.
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