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  1. Answer found after some reading... In fact widgets are not really homogeneous... For CGridView you must specify the html type like this: array( 'name' => 'version', 'value' => "preg_replace('/($today.+)/','<span style=\'color: red;\'>\$1</span>', \$data['version'])", 'type' => 'html' ) ,
  2. Hello, I am using a CGridView with a CSqlDataProvider. I would like to dynamically change the text displayed in the cells for some columns. For instance: - instead of displaying a name, I would like to display a link - if a certain value is present, display this value in red I mean I want to put HTML in my cells and expect this HTML to be parsed and rendered by the browser. I don't want to change the class of the underlying <tr>, <td>... For so doing I put some expressions in the 'columns' array: 'columns' => array( 'phase', 'app', array( 'name' => 'version', 'value' => "preg_replace('/($today.+)/','<span style=\'color: red;\'>\$1</span>', \$data['version'])" ) , 'comment', 'nb', array( 'name' => 'deadline', 'value' => '"<a href=\'candidateRelease/view/id/\$data[\'id\']\'>\$data[\'deadline\']</a>)"' ) , 'status' ), Expression seems to be evaluated correctly but the text rendered in the cell shows the html tags (as if the result of the evaluation had gone through a call to htmlentities(). Does someone know how I could change this ? Thanks and regards.
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