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  1. hi yeah thanks i think i have figured it out. i have one more question, I copyed a tutorial on youtube the link to it is below: It's ajax page loading, so you dont have to reload a different page. i got it to work. But on one page i have json data which does not load when you click on the page anymore. it works when you refresh the page but that defeats the purpose of ajax page loading, my question is: How can i load a page that has json data on it with out refreshing the page ??? many thanks for all the help i really appreciate it, sam.
  2. hi yeah sure, so im trying to copy what you have in the book on chapter 15 pages 578, 579, 580, view.php. So when someone clicks the button it submits a bid or a value to the database. i am trying to display a similar concept however struggling with the bidding inputs being on the item list, instead of having to click on the item to then follow onto bid. so therefore not having to click on every item, the bidding inputs will be displayed on each item on the list. Problem i have is individualing ID'S between each item, because they are all on the same page all the item ID'S are over writing one another to the last record. I need them to stay individual to their own items so when theyre passed onto the javascript it can submit the item as clicked on by the user. Thanks for your help, hope to hear from you soon. Sam
  3. Hi I'm trying to find out 2 things, 1) how to pass a button value that comes from mysqli while loop to javascript then on to Ajax script. 2) how to pass a php array on to javascript and then onto the Ajax script. I will be really grateful if anyone could help. many thanks sam
  4. Hi Larry my name is sam can i first start by saying i absolutely love your books. i am currently working on a project where i have built the php side of things and now working on enhancing using javascript. i am adapting your script from your Modern javascript develop and design book on chapter 15, (view.js). But the problem i have is my php script loops through the database to show results and i am trying to pass the id of the data, like you do in your view.php script to the view.js script with, <script> var itemId = ' . $itemid .'; </script> BUT i have a while loop on the php script and the script tags are in the while loop like this, $query = "SELECT `item_id` FROM items"; $results = mysqli_query ($dbc, $query); while (list ($item_id ) = mysqli_fetch_array($results, MYSQLI_NUM)) { // Start the while Loop here ... echo '<form action="" method="post" id="bidForm" class="bidForm"> <input class="button" type="submit" value="Like" title="Like"> <input type="hidden" name="item_id" id="item_id" class="video" value="' . $item_id . '"> </form>'; ?> <script> var itemId = "<?php echo $item_id; ?>"; </script> } // End of while Loop here .. then link to external js script <script src="js/ajaxBid.js"></script> Just so you know this is not exact just example above but it does the exact same thing. So the problem is where it Loops the var itemId gets more then one value so you don't get the value of the button clicked sent to the ajax script. How can i get the id of the button clicked in my js script while still in the while loop???? sorry if this is really confusing i will answer any questions you might have. if you or anyone could explain in the simplest possible way where I'm going wrong as not brilliant at javascript yet, that would be amazing been stuck for ages on this. many thanks, Sam
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