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  1. Hi, In script 15.10, login.js, page 487, there's the AJAX request of the server-side script login_ajax_php. The actual request of the script (line 89-92, $.Ajax(options)) comes after all the tests on the response (line 68, if (respnse == 'CORRECT')...). I can't understand how the AJAX request knows that it has to call the server-side script login_ajax_php. To put it in other words: 1) login.php displays the form 2) when you click on the submit button, login.js starts 3) login.js calls login_ajax.php (BUT HOW? WHERE? WHEN?) 4) login_Ajax.php performs the echo 5) login.js reads the response written with the echo, hides the login form and write "You are now ". Could you please help me? Thanks. Marco
  2. Thank you so much Larry, I really got lost, but now it is clear. Also thanks for you early reply.
  3. Hi, in PHP Advanced, 3rd edition, script 9.8, pages 306-7, step 3 - "Fetch the results and display them", Larry says that the loop creates a new Page object - $page - that can be invoked by the Page class methods. I don’t understand how and where the new Page object - $page - gets created, as I cannot find a new keyword. Could you please help me? Thanks, Marco
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