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  1. Hey, I ran into the same problem when I was setting everything up. I searched alot and this one seemed to work, also did that "flush privileges" thing (super noob so this book is my first for learning MySQL and PHP) and also found this site useful https://www.ostraining.com/blog/coding/error-1045-phpmyadmin/
  2. Good day! First off, great book sofar! I am only on chapter 2 and I love it. (I don't have excel tho so unsure if the database parts will work) Anywho, I am creating different handle_forms to see if I can have it give different responses as I go along. However, it constantly reverts back to handle_form.php even when I go into the html document and change <form action="handle_form.php" method="post"> to <form action="handle_form1.php" method="post"> Am I missing something on how to do that to test different forms?
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