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  1. oops. Sorry. I'm using a MacBook Pro running OSX High Sierra. I'm not exactly sure where I installed it but it must have just been the default location... my hard drive? Unrelated topic but pertinent: Around the time I installed it my computer has been freezing, and shutting down completely (kernel panic) after putting it to sleep for weeks now. Finally it is working again, but after days of troubleshooting, I'm now really nervous about installing any sort of MAMP or XAMPP software. Is it possible this software has not been approved to work with High Sierra at this point?
  2. Hi, I recently posted a question here but have not heard anything back. Is anyone still moderating this forum? (if you click my name you'll find my post). Just bought this book and could use help from time to time. Thanks, Chris
  3. Hi, Very frustrated here. Installed XAMPP today as recommended by Larry in his book. Unfortunately there does not appear to be any information anywhere about how to set it up. It does appear to be working, however there is nothing that tells me where the folder structure exists on my computer, or where I can place the php files for testing. Most web articles I've read tell me there should be a htdocs folder inside the XAMPP folder, but there is not. There is only the application launch icon. The only small amount of success I had was when I chose to "mount the volume". When I did this the requisite folders seemed to appear, but the htdocs folder was 2 levels deep, and there is no info telling me what info to type in my address bar to access and display these files? Can you help? Sorry for so much detail.
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