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  1. I'm running all this on Ubuntu Linux 16.04, and used all 3 browsers I have: Google Chrome, Firefox and Ubuntu's browser. I ran the pages many times trying different things, and even with the error checking it didn't help much at all, it just didn't work. After looking around the web and trying stuff (all of which did not work) I thought I'd try enctype="form-data/multipart" after seeing it. I did not expect it to work, but it did, in all 3 browsers. By the way I have to use http:// when I'm working with the Ubuntu browser, it won't work without it.
  2. Hi, I had the same errors. After much searching and testing different things this is what ended up working. In your feedback.html page add this: <form enctype="form-data/multipart" method="POST" action="handle_form.php"> After updating and saving the feedback.html page the handle_form.php page now works. Remember to refresh the feedback.html page and start again before using it.
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