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  1. Hi Larry, I am so happy to get your new book! It is so fantastic I love it so much!!! I downloaded the source code from github. Not only read, but type code myself. However I have some questions. I can view users on view_users.php, edit users by edit_user.php and delete users by delete_user.php, and I am sure I typed the correct password and email. However when changing users' password, the page (password.php) shows "Error! The email address and password do not match those on file". I checked phpMyAdmin and the data exists and I try again and again and sure every input is correct however I still cannot change the password. I thought maybe I typed wrong so I copied the code (phpmysqlvqp-5ed) from github. Copy it to my htdocs (xampp) and Change database information and ensure the path and details are 100% right. I can edit, delete and view users. But unluckily I still get the same errors (password.php) of course I cannot log in (login.php), either (Error! The following error(s) occurred: - The email address and password entered do not match those on file. Please try again.). I am just a beginner so I do not how to solve the problems. Wish I could get the answer! Thanks Larry!
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