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  1. Greetings! I'm so stuck and perhaps you can help me.. (BTW, I'm using the most current versions of PHP 7.2.1) and MYSQL... Everything has been working great going through the lessons, however, once I get to the "Securing Passwords with PHP" portion I'm not getting the results that are expected in the chapter.. 1) I've updated "site name" database as per the requirements (ALTER TABLE users MODIFY COLUMN) and wiping out passwords (UPDATE users SET pass = ' ';) 2) I've updated the "register.php" old 9.5 script to reflect the new 13.7 script; even going as far as copying/pasting and validating it was a match.. ensuring that the new changes/lines were there.. 3) When I register a new user, it works; it's even showing in my database... 4) I've updated 'login_functions.inc.php to 13.8 script. Now here is the issue: - I can't log in as it's showing: Error! The following error(s) occurred: - The email address and password entered do not match those on file. Please try again. I can't figure out why this is happening; I see my new registration in the DB but I can't log in. I'm not sure what other information I need to provide, but that's what I have right now.. Please help - I've walked away from it several times, even going all the way back to Chapter 12 and starting over to see if I've missed anything.. Thanks in advance.. I LOVE your book! this is the second edition I've bought! I love the latest! Jim Hipolito
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