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  1. Thank you so much Larry. The browser's developer tools clearly indicated to me that the two *.css files weren't loaded. The reason is definitely so simple: I actually named the container folder as 'CSS' (capital letters !) instead of 'css', but referenced the files as '/css/*.css'. Feeling so stupid...and grateful to you. Thx again!
  2. Hi everyone. I'm in Chapter 8, coded the books.php file (Scrip 8.5) together with header.html and footer.html. when I run it the navigation links (Books, Stories, etc.) instead of showing up on the top right part of the screen are displayed as a bullet list below "Raise High the Roof Beam!". I removed the <ul> and <li> tags in the header.html script and now the links show up without bullets and all in the same row, as per figure D (page 205). Nevertheless, these links are still below the main title instead of being all the way to the right and on the top row. I tried with different browsers but nothing changes. Any help would be very appreciated. Thanks
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