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  1. Hi Larry, I am currently a computer engineering student at Seneca College in Toronto, ON. I recently picked up your book because I saw that it was on sale. I hope you don't take any offense at all. Being a student, I'm sure you can relate that $50 is quite a bit for a starving student who's eating instant noodles almost every other day (besides the fact I can't really cook....). Anyways, that was my brief intro as to how I recently purchased your book. More importantly, I have always been fascinated with getting into web programming as well. What has really motivated me to continue my journey into learning another programming language is that I really enjoyed the challenge of being able to build my first C program that practical. In case you're wondering, it was an inventory control system which I found to be practical rather than it just being another lab. I'm emailing to figure out if there's a main difference between your fourth edition compared and fifth edition books. I do have basic HTML knowledge and know that HTML 5 has been released since the release of your 4th. I went to the php website and noticed it's php 7 rather than 5 which is noted in the book when you wrote it. Is this edition a good edition to start off at? Please let me know! Thanks, programming_newb
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