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  1. Answered my own question: // Validate the gender: $gender = $_REQUEST['gender'] ?? NULL; if ($gender == 'M') { $greeting = '<p><strong>Good day, Sir!</strong></p>'; } elseif ($gender == 'F') { $greeting = '<p><strong>Good day, Madam!</strong></p>'; } else { // $_POST['gender'] is not set. echo '<p class="error">You forgot to select your gender!</p>'; }
  2. Sorry, I just noticed this section. I placed a Pursue question in the general area. I can't delete or move it so if this is something you can do that would be great. Thanks!
  3. I've been struggling with the following Pursue challenge. I found an eloquent solution in the forum for version 4 but it included a function which will not be discussed until chapter 3. I just can't find a way to echo a greeting based on gender selection without a nested conditional. I would appreciate help on this. Pursue: Rewrite the gender conditional in handle_form.php (Script 2.4) as one conditional instead of two nested ones. Hint: You’ll need to use the AND operator. Here is the nested conditional: // Validate the gender: if (isset($_POST['gender'])) { $gender = $_POST['gender']; if ($gender == 'M') { $greeting = '<p><strong>Good day, Sir!</strong></p>'; } elseif ($gender == 'F') { $greeting = '<p><strong>Good day, Madam!</strong></p>'; } else { // Unacceptable value. $gender = NULL; echo '<p class="error">Gender should be either "M" or "F"! </p>'; } } else { // $_POST['gender'] is not set. $gender = NULL; echo '<p class="error">You forgot to select your gender!</p>'; }
  4. Your solution is eloquent but is this Pursue challenge doable based on what has been learned by the end of Chapter 2? Functions have not been introduced yet. I believe this topic begins in Chapter 3. Sorry, just realized this question was for version 4 and not version 5. So, it is possible version 4 already discussed functions. I would still like to find a solution that does not require a function. I have not been able to get it to work using only conditionals, operators and arrays.
  5. Line 6 of Script 2.4 is missing an end quote: 6 <style type="text/css> should be 6 <style type="text/css">
  6. I believe I found an error in the digital online copy. It is in Chapter 2 under "Handling an HTML Form". Paragraph 3 reads: PHP is case-sensitive when it comes to variable names, so $_REQUEST[‘city’] will work, but $_REQUEST[‘city’] and $_REQUEST[‘city’] will have no value. I'm not seeing any difference in the three variable names. I believe this sentence needs to be fixed.
  7. I also noticed you have an extra "a" in the h2 tag and you need to close this tag. echo "<p><h2a>Hello $username!</p>"; should be: echo "<p><h2>Hello $username!</h2></p>";
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