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  1. Got it, I've read about the UTF8 in the book somewhere just did not realize that's what about. I replaced all the funky stuff with English like chars and it works. English ONLY!
  2. I get an error while setting up db for ch17: ERROR 1366 (HY000) at line 75: Incorrect string value: '\xEAs' for column 'lang' at row 2, it is the line right bellow the # ERROR ... ? Would you help figuring out the cause? Thank you. CREATE TABLE words ( word_id TINYINT UNSIGNED NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT, lang_id TINYINT UNSIGNED NOT NULL, title VARCHAR(80) NOT NULL, intro TINYTEXT NOT NULL, home VARCHAR(30) NOT NULL, forum_home VARCHAR(40) NOT NULL, language VARCHAR(40) NOT NULL, register VARCHAR(30) NOT NULL, login VARCHAR(30) NOT NULL, logout VARCHAR(30) NOT NULL, new_thread VARCHAR(40) NOT NULL, subject VARCHAR(30) NOT NULL, body VARCHAR(30) NOT NULL, submit VARCHAR(30) NOT NULL, posted_on VARCHAR(30) NOT NULL, posted_by VARCHAR(30) NOT NULL, replies VARCHAR(30) NOT NULL, latest_reply VARCHAR(40) NOT NULL, post_a_reply VARCHAR(40) NOT NULL, PRIMARY KEY (word_id), UNIQUE (lang_id) ); # ERROR 1366 (HY000) at line 75: Incorrect string value: '\xEAs' for column 'lang' at row 2 INSERT INTO languages (lang, lang_eng) VALUES ('English', 'English'), ('Português', 'Portuguese'), ('Français', 'French'), ('Norsk', 'Norwegian'), ('Romanian', 'Romanian'), ('Ελληνικά', 'Greek'), ('Deutsch', 'German'), ('Srpski', 'Serbian'), ('日本語', 'Japanese'), ('Nederlands', 'Dutch');
  3. sorry, I got it all wrong, it should be the PHP and Mysql web development that I am referring to, so, you might get rid off this post, sorry.
  4. Notice: Undefined variable: area in ...\new_post.php on line 14 Notice: Undefined variable: error in ...\new_post.php on line 17 Notice: Undefined variable: parent in ...\new_post.php on line 18 ... where do I initialize these ones? Thanks.
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