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  1. Hy EveryOne! I'm running an e-commerce online shopping website, (let suppose https://abc.com) firstly URL of my category pages are as follow: https://abc.com/collections/mens-section/footwear-for-men/shoes-mens-section/running-shoes/ https://abc.com/collections/mens-section/mens-grooming/mens-watches/ or ETC, these URL's are not looking User-friendly and google friendly! so that, I have changed all the permalinks of my category pages with the help of a plugin as follow: https://abc.com/running-shoes/ https://abc.com/mens-watches/ that's looks great! but now I'm facing a very serious problem. after changing URL's, I have submitted a new sitemap to google search console, but the problem is that new URL's are indexed in google search engine and at the same time old URL's are not de-indexed from google search engine. it means: https://abc.com/collections/mens-section/mens-grooming/mens-watches/ https://abc.com/mens-watches/ both are indexed in google and at a specific keyword of these URL like "men watches" nothing URL of my website is shown! any senior here, who can help me on this problem? Thanks!
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