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  1. Thanks larry for response, i had gone through PHP for web, Effortless E commerce, PHP and MySQL for dynamic websites. all three books but didn't find chapter on using PHP for Mysql backup and restoring.

    I want to write the PHP code that can take a backup of two particular tables of database and then truncate those tables while preserving the data of last 1 month. i intend to save those backup files on portable drive as in my country we have to preserve clinical data for quite long time. while truncating table i want to preserve last 1 month's data as if some patient had lost their blood report then we can provide them without requiring backed up files.

    I think many budding PHP developers might be going though the same problem as these functionalities are very common. and if you write one dedicated book/ chapter on such aspect i am very much interested to buy one.

    I want to share something important with you. I am working in government run hospital which provide services at very nominal charges (e.g. 0.07 USD for blood glucose) and by developing PHP-MySQL based laboratory information system, i was able to save lots and lots of papers almost 500 pages per day. I am glad to inform you that without your books this would not be possible.


    Thanks and with regards

    Dr. Kalpesh (MD, Biochemistry)

  2. Hey larry,

    I am great admirer of your book. i had purchased and read all your books related to PHP and MySQL and i learned a lot so that i was able to devlop laboratory information system for my clinical laboratory on my own. However i have one suggestion for 'PHP and MySQL book'. Please include one dedicated chapter for backing up and restoring mysql database by PHP. currently i am using phpmyadmin for that but i very much like to create interface in my own PHP project for backup and restoring database. desparetly waiting for such chapter written in your unique style.


    Thank you

  3. Thank you sir for prompt reply.

    I am using xampp and changed confing.inc.php file

    earlier i used define('BASE_URL', 'http://localhost/ecommerce1/');

    i had replaced above line with define('BASE_URL', 'localhost/ecommerce1/'); and voila... it worked. as our defined function redirect_invalid_user($check='user_id', $destination='index1.php', $protocol='http://') is also adding http://


    Thanks larry for help. You are awsome

  4. Dear sir,

    First of all i am big fan of your work. i purchased almost all your books on PHP and MySQL. I am post graduate doctor (MD - Biochemistry) from India and by reading your books i created intranet based 'laboratory information system' for electronic blood lab reports.

    i Have one confusion in your logout.php script (chapter - 4). -> what is the need of require(MYSQL); line???? without this line also this should work fine.

    Edit: Immedietly after posting above question i realized that MYSQL is required as content in sidebar needs it to query the database.

    But i have new confusion as mentioned below


    When i log out and redirected to index.php. but when i refresh that logged out page i am being redirected to http://http//localhost/ecommerce1/index.php and of-course this address is wrong so my browser displays server not found error.

    Thank you

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